Pink Carpet Glam Girl is a woman veteran-owned business. Created in May 2012 to fill a void in the community for positive party alternatives for girls. In a growing age of negative unrealistic expectations that young girls are exposed to on television and in magazines, Pink Carpet Glam Girl is devoted to increasing self confidence.

Since my eldest daughter’s very first birthday 13 years ago, I’ve designed “over the top” birthday extravaganzas. That 1st party with a carnival theme and homemade carnival carousel cake was what set my imagination into overdrive. Every year since, I’ve attempted to outdo my children’s birthday party from the previous year. Needless to say this year was when the light bulb went off in my head that this passion and creativity that  brings joy to my children, their friends, and parents, I could extend to children all across the United States. This 1st Pink Carpet Glam Girl Studio in Chesapeake, VA will be the pilot of expansion franchise opportunities nationwide.

~Tamika Quinn, Owner of Pink Carpet Glam Girl